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In these uncertain times of economic, political and international transition / instability, on top of the oh so ‘relaxing’ holiday season preparing to bombard us…it is important to remember that we are creators of our moment-to-moment, day-to-day lives, not just recipients of life.

So move the spotlight away from the standard: “I’m stressed / overwhelmed / anxious / worried and try on something new. What you might ask? Well in addition to what we all know to do (and sometimes actually do it!) like breathing, slowing down, exercise and getting rest, etc… I invite you to relate to your life as part of the broader performance of the bigger play of life, with all of the relationships and scenes we are creating (of course without a script).

How? Practice to tenets of improv – Yes improv. Below you will find a hand out I give for stress workshops I conduct.

My favorite daily practice is to smile when I feel one of those feelings (stressed, upset, overwhelmed, anxious…) Try it and let me know how these practices impact on your daily creation called your life.

Stress workshop hand out: What Why and How….

WHAT (Did you say improv? What does that have to do with stress?! Keep reading)

Using tools of improvisation and performance, you will have an opportunity to play, de-stress and have fun as we learn

WHY (Well, do you GOT STRESS????)

Increase skills in responding successfully and creatively to stress in our lives

Enhance communication, ability to ask for help, conflict resolution capacities

Encourage flexibility and learning to respond versus react

Slowing down and accepting what is in order to move forward effectively

HOW (Some Rules of Improv)

Creating together without looking good or knowing how
o Make the other look good! / Complete versus Compete
o Take chances
o Having fun and being silly
Life as scenes in the play of life
“Take two” and other performances
o Can we take two? Start over?
o How are we doing? can we stop and do this differently?

LAB (Listen, Accept, Build)

Yes-And (to life circumstances, people, situations) versus No-But

Accepting Offers (whether you like the offer or not!) in order to build / move forward


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