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Social Therapy:  How does our therapy / approach help you?

The motto on our business card is Change your life, Change your World, Feel Better
Our tag line is Create Great Relationships at Home, Work and Community

What am I talking about here?

I am often asked a question that goes along this line:  You practice Social Therapy—What’s that? I know what a therapist does, she helps people having problems in life, difficulties in relationships or who are in emotional pain of some sort, but how does social therapy help people?  And why did you choose to practice therapy in this way?

What is it?  A therapy that teaches us “A Way of Life” where we play an active role in creating our day-to-day lives and relationships.

And why did you choose to practice therapy in this way?

As both a client/recipient of, and trained-in/practitioner of Social Therapy, it has transformed me personally and professionally to a person who has learned tools to create a fantastic life beyond my wildest dreams of what I considered possible.

So, I want to help others to create great lives, while at the same time help to build a more just, humane world (you can’t separate the two, can you).

How does it work?

Social Therapy is primarily a group therapy that supports us to be more creative, effective, powerful, present, meaning-makers in how we respond to life’s wonders and challenges.

The other day I was listening to a talk by philosopher-activist-founder of Social Therapy Dr. Fred Newman, and in the talk he suggested an exercise that I was struck by:  replace the term ‘give’ every time you say ‘get’ to experience the impact:

• What will I get out of this turns to what can I give to this
• I don’t get it (i.e.-understand it) turns into I don’t give it (i.e. – give something even if you don’t get or understand what’s going on)
• Getting the love you want turns to give the love you want

Can you think of others?  Turning on its head our standard way of living and relating in personal and business arenas that is so much is about getting stuff for yourself—into what can you/we give to the world / what can we build together?

We can be other than consumers of /getters of or fitting in with what already exists (we do this all the time –which is why we have same fights, get into same bad relationships or jobs, don’t reach our full potentials, and experience the same emotional reactions over and over like a broken record, etc….)   Social Therapy teaches us how to work together to building new things – new ways of talking, relating to one another, new emotional experiences, new ways to respond to


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